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Church Regathering

In discussing when to open the Chapel for in-person meetings,  our Elders prayerfully and in a balanced manner considered the following values:

  • Health and safety: We have been guided by our desire to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 heeding the health officials’ guidelines and common sense.

  • Freedom of conscience: We understand that individuals have their personal convictions about how to worship God and their own safety boundaries.

  • Love for neighbor: We believe that for Christians, personal freedom also considers the community—both the church and the world that we are witnessing to. We seek to love our neighbor by considering other’s consciences and health needs.

  • Grace: Terrill Road Bible Chapel seeks to be a safe place of grace. We seek to do our best to support each person’s position without compromising an honoring of Christ and Scripture.

  • The glory of God: We desire above all to worship God. Ideally, we long to worship Him as His gathered Church, even as we understand limitations set by the brokenness of this life.

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