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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the live, in-person meeting look like?

The service will run from 10:30am-12pm on Zoom and in person. The doors will open at 10:15am for check-in so please be prompt in your arrival. 

The service will include Communion  from 10:30am-11am and the Family service with a message from 11am-12pm.



What do I do once I arrive at the Chapel?

Your mask should be on as you approach the side door closest to the front of the building. We ask that even if you've received your full Covid-19 vaccination you continue to wear a mask.

Maintain 6 ft. distance from others (except family members) when approaching the building entrance. At the door, greeter #1 will do a contactless temperature check.  You will also be given a screening questionnaire regarding your Covid-19 exposure and travel outside of New Jersey.


If you do have a temperature of 100F or above, we ask that you return home and join us via Zoom.

Proceeding up the stairs, use the contactless sanitizer dispenser for hand sanitation. Greeter #2 will hand you prepackaged wafer/grape juice for participation in Communion. Upon entering the main auditorium, you will be directed to pre-marked, distanced seating. 

The service will last 90 minutes and we ask that you remain in your seats for its duration, if possible. At the end of the service, you will be directed to exit by the piano, down the stairs, and out the side door.

Socially distanced conversations may occur in the parking lot. 


May I  use the bathroom?

If at all possible, refrain from using the restrooms at the Chapel during the service

If necessary one person or one family in the bathroom at a time. 

Will there be any singing?

Prerecorded music will be displayed on the screen. We’d ask that you sing quietly, or lip-sync the songs keeping your mask on.

What are the kids ministry options? 

 If children do come to the in-person service, they will sit with their families during Communion. During the Family Service, they may stay with their parents or go with their class at 11a. 

Kingdom Kids (kids preschool through 4th grade) & Junior High (grades 5-8)  classes are meeting in person. 

How may I financially support TRBC at this time? 

There is an offering box at the back of the sanctuary which will be propped open. Your check or cash offering can be placed there upon entry. We will not be passing around an offering plate. 

Offerings may also be mailed to the Chapel or set up through your bank as a recurring payment on Billpay.


What will Communion look like?

Once you are seated and the Communion time begins, men who wish to share a thought will be encouraged to come to the front of the sanctuary and speak into a microphone. This is so that the people in the room and members joining via Zoom video or dialing in can hear what’s being shared.

Please be considerate and allow time for the men on the Zoom meeting or dialing in to also share a verse, thought, or pray for one of the Communion elements. 

If there is a song that comes to mind, we ask that you come to the front and simply read, as singing is discouraged at this time.


No food, coffee, or beverages will be offered before, during or after the service. We kindly ask that you not bring any with you as well. 


Will online church still occur?

 We will have our Zoom church meeting connected to the live, in-person meeting to join those who can make it physically and those who either can’t or choose not to. 



Please reach out to or call 908-419-4859 if you need any clarification or have any questions.

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